GotVMail – Phone Service with no phone

Gotvmailcomplements your existing telephone service and helps give your small business, feature rich phone service for a low monthly fee. It’s also easy to setup and use.
Gotvmail provides a range of services such as a toll free number, voice mail, call forwarding, music on hold, no busy signals and more. One of the neat things about Gotvmail and similar services is that you don’t have to have a phone to use them.
I’ve tested Gotvmail and one feature I really liked was being able to read voice mails as audio file attachments on my computer. When a call comes in to your cell phone or office phone you have to dial in and listen to the call – what a pain.
When a voice mail comes into Gotvmail, it’s emailed to you and you can listen to it at your convenience and forward it to someone else if you like – or even save it to your computer or shared folder on a server.
Maybe you don’t have the money to give all your staff cell phones or provide everyone with their own telephone line in the office. Solution?
Give them all “virtual PBX” accounts and have their messages sent to them via email. When a phone’s available – shared or otherwise they can place the call. OR they can use Skype to dial-out as well.