Have You Changed Web Browsers Yet? IE 7 and FireFox 2 are waiting for you

Microsoft has released its latest web browser, version 7.0. Many of you are probably still using IE 5 or 6 and if so you really should upgrade to this new version or upgrade to Fire Fox, which I use.

The biggest benefit of IE 7.0 is that you now can have multiple web sites opened in one browser – tabbed browsing.
Other benefits include easier printing (you don’t have to worry about the margins falling off the page anymore); RSS feeds are built in; search is built in (of course if you have a tool bar from Google, MSN or Yahoo – you have search already); the overall look is cleaner and neater as well.
I’m going to upgrade to IE 7 but will still stick with FireFox as my main browser and in fact I’ve just downloaded the new version of FireFox – 2.0.
Having a better web browser will make your web experience faster, safer and more efficient. If the “web” is your main business and entertainment play ground an updated web browser is a must.