Jaduka’s Click & Connect – Make it Easy to Make Your Phone Ring

For some of you, your phone ringing is a pain. But there’s a LOT of you whose business success is determined by your phone ringing or not. If you sell real estate or are a travel agent, often times your phone ringing means someone is either closer to making a sale or wants to start a sale.
If you have dipped your toes into the sea of online marketing (email, web site, etc) then the challenge is how to get a customer reply – beyond just having an email reply.
In many cases the prospective customer might want to call you – right now. Jaduka has a nifty solution.
Their click-and-connect service, lets those receiving an email from you press a button on your web site or within an email you send them, input their telephone number and “click-and-connect” connects them to you.
At $3.40 per hour it’s low cost enough that it’s worth a try – even better you get 60 minutes for free.

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One thought on “Jaduka’s Click & Connect – Make it Easy to Make Your Phone Ring

  1. Anonymous

    I did a cost estimate with Estara for their service and there’s a pretty hefty start up fee.

    Jaduka seems to have no startup or equipment requirement. Still checking it out.

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