Kill Passwords: Biometric security is not just for James Bond and Big Businesses. It’s for small businesses too

Some years ago I took a tour of a data center. There were these James Bond like finger print readers, hand scanners and all sorts of gadgets. I know very big companies can afford an entire solution of biometric readers and management tools but what about smaller businesses?
Will they be forever stuck with using passwords?
Saflink, a biometric security and smart card provider says that standard password security is flawed in that passwords can easily be forgotten, stolen or passed around.
When someone forgets their password they have to call the IT person or local consultant. The business loses time and it might even cost money for the consultant to reset the password.
Using a biometric reader – you slide your finger for access to your computer. I do this with my new Lenovo. Not just computers, but if you want to give SECURE access to remote users who need corporate resources – biometric access can be a solution as well.
Saflink Corporation, a provider of solutions that verify identity, secure access and increase productivity, recently announced the general availability of EntryPoint 2.0 which enables small and medium-sized businesses to replace standard password-based Microsoft Windows Active Directory log-on processes with alternate authentication technologies to increase network security and enhance worker productivity.
The EntryPoint family of products, including EP-Biometric for biometric authentication and EP-Connect for secure remote access, is now available through the exclusive Saflink reseller channel.
“The substantial real and sometimes hidden cost of managing passwords is typically thought of as an unavoidable enterprise problem, yet industry research indicates that password management can cost a small company of 100 users up to $150 per user
annually,” said Tim Wudi, Chief Marketing Officer at Saflink.
Before purchasing a biometric solution you MUST really analyze your “password use”. If you don’t have a problem with password-reset, access to computers, users losing passwords and etc – then a biometric solution might be overkill for you.