Lexmark: Differentiating Itself from the Competition

I waver between thinking on one hand that printers are pretty much all the same and have nothing to differentiate themselves and on the other hand that vendors invest research and development in their printers to make them different.
We all know that there are clear differences in many car models – comfort, speed, looks, gas mileage all these things make cars so different. But in many respects printers are the same (we think) – you hit “print” and out comes the paper without you giving a moments glance as to who the printer vendor is.
Lexmark continues to fight the aspect of “all printers are the same” and invests research and development resources to keep their printers faster, more durable and overall better than other printers on the market. This is most evident in its new line of E class monochrome printers of which the entire series as evolved and its refreshed line of C class color printers.
Of course, this is a race that HP, Xerox and other vendors are in as well.
Lexmark’s press release reads The Lexmark E series features an innovative design that incorporates more than 40 new patents and patent applications to make the printers faster, more reliable and more energy-efficient. In addition, the Lexmark E series offers a new Quiet-Mode, which optimizes settings to deliver one of the quietest laser printers in the industry.
The Lexmark E series features industry-first printhead technology that uses a miniature, pivoting mirror to reduce moving parts and increase reliability. To help ensure that the printer is always ready when customers need to print, the Instant Warm-Up fuser technology on the Lexmark E series reduces the time to first print to as fast as 6.5 seconds, even from sleep mode.
Seeing how Lexmark has evolved its printhead is pretty amazing. Most of you don’t think about something as “simple” as a print head. It helps of course that it’s buried in the printer and you can’t see it. Giving the print head less moving parts makes it faster, uses less power and causes printing to be quieter. All of these benefits increase the overall printing experience of this new E series of printers.
The entire E series has built in standard double-sided printing while many of the C series printers offer double sided printing as well. Using double sided printing saves money on paper supplies and is also much better overall for the environment.
Lexmark’s C series of printers continues to bolster that fact that color printing need not be expensive. The Lexmark C534n, C534dn and C534dtn have operator panels with an enhanced USB port that can print PDF and image files directly from a USB flash drive and a 10-digit numeric pad for applications like confidential printing and easy network set-up. The days of pulling the printer towards you to see if there’s any paper jammed in the back are over. This new line of color printers has everything you need to see in the front.
Overall, Lexmark’s new announcement shows that Lexmark is committed to lower the cost of printing and overall paper management for small businesses.

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