Microsoft Office Live Showcases its Customers

Like thousands of you I subscribed to Microsoft Office Live to test it out and see how it worked – especially the web development portion. My initial review is here.
What I like about Office Live are the periodic emails I get informing me of traffic to my web site (hardly any on my test web site 🙂 )and also the occasional email informing me and other Office Live users about the web sites of other customers.

At this web site, you’ll find a library of customer stories and links to their Office Live web sites.
Some of the web sites I viewed were “ok” but others could have been much better. It’s hard to know what this means. If Office Live is meant to be an easy way for small businesses to build web sites (and other things) I would guess that Office Live needs to do a better job of helping its customers make good web sites.
On the other hand, some of the sites like were well designed.