Money is No Barrier to a Great Web Site

Web design software and hosted applications, such as that offered from Microsoft Front Page (software) and Homestead (hosted) (as two examples of many) make it easy to build web sites that look good. However many small businesses still have crappy web sites.
Why? If your web site was built years ago, it’s time (just like your house, car and kitchen) that it’s refreshed. It used to be that your business card or YOU were the “first impress” but now, most of us “Google” (or Yahoo, MSN, or people before we meet them.
The look of your web site is so very important!
Bruce Balmer principal with Calgary On Rails writes a guest column in Anita Campbells Small Business Trends blog explaining that a great web site need not cost a lot of money.
He writes It used to be that having colossal cash for a web site was a huge competitive advantage. So, of course, the big players dominated the field. Not any more. The playing field for web site development has been leveled dramatically, and it’s a whole new ball game. With money no longer the Holy Grail, David can take on Goliath and win.
Today, small business owners can build their own site, if they wish, for one quarter of the cost in 2000. That’s a huge advantage.