Online Content Is Simple and Feature Rich with Verio

Today I was explaining to someone how to create a web site as they wanted to create one of their own. What was interesting is that this was so new to them. They were first using Microsoft Front Page which is used by so many businesses – especially smaller ones.
In 2004 Microsoft Frontpage had a 60% market share according to I would guess that it is still the dominant web creation tool for small businesses.
The other part of this story is that I then introduced this person to how easy it is to create a web site via blogging tools. No thinking about “preview mode”, HTML, publishing the file via FTP or etc.
This brings me to web development company Verio and their announcement today.
Traditional web hosting is important and web site building tools like Front Page, Dreamweaver and others will continue to be used, especially by professional web developers. Of course Office Live, Homestead and other companies have very good, easy to use tools for creating web sites via drag and drop hosted web site creation tools as well.
However, what’s increasingly going to be used (and SHOULD be used) by smaller businesses is blog development tools. Why?
These tools enable easier web publishing and a whole host of more features that are integrated and part of their services that traditional web sites simply don’t have. Syndication, RSS feeds, archiving, easy templates and simple web publishing are all part of the features blogging tools offer.
Verio is clearly ensuring that it offers its current customers these tools but also positioning itself to have these in demand tools for new customers.
Like Yahoo, Verio is now offering WordPress’ blogging tools to its customers. WordPress is one of the best blogging tools. I use but will migrate to WordPress eventually.
Verio Gallery is an easy to use open source photo sharing Web application that gives businesses a simple way to blend photo management into their Web site, whether a smaller personal site or a large community site. Verio Gallery offers photo administration and editing capabilities, a selection of themes to apply to a site and a drag-and-drop photo upload system, and the ability to grant or deny viewing permission for specific visitors.
For example, a health club could create a blog for its members to share work-out and nutrition ideas, or to pose questions about health-related questions to the larger club community. A gourmet food shop could share cooking tips and recipes with its subscribers via a blog on its Web site. Many of Verio¬?s hosting customers¬? businesses could benefit from community-building exercises, such as the creation of a blog as a way to increase customer loyalty and improve site traffic.