Online “Operating Systems” from NetSuite and others

NetSuite has launched SuiteFlex, a new application development platform that allows programmers to write applications that connect to NetSuite’s flagship products, a move that should ultimately mean more and varied options for small businesses that use the product. reports Small Business Computing.
What you are going to see happening more and more are hosted application companies allowing and encouraging developers to extend their offerings by creating online software for the hosted application.
Blue Tie, Microsoft’s Office Live, and others have invested millions in building their core applications but the only way they will grow is if developers create add-on applications for vertical markets and extended uses. Just like developers have done and are doign with Windows.
These developers will not just create hosted apps but also sell the apps as part of a bundle of the core hosted application and their developed software.
What does this mean for you?
Maybe you are a doctor’s office in Austin, Texas and are tired of the software you use to run your practice. You can now use a hosted application like NetSuite and run a doctor’s office management software (hosted) on top of it.
Imagine the thousands of others small (and large) businesses who can benefit not just from hosted applications but custom applications in their industry.
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