Panda Software – Internet Virus 2007

Panda Software has launched its latest security software and as I asked Sophos, I wanted to know what made Panda’s software any different than some other vendors security software. First let me tell you what someone else says:
Smallbizresources writesStill, I’ve bet on Panda Internet Security Suite 2007 for my own needs. I’ve yet to find competitors that provide updates so fast and reliably, crucial for fighting against gremlins during a busy work schedule. Also, a complete Panda scan of my system found more nasties than its competitors did. As jaded as I am after all these years, I was impressed! These are the bottom lines for a security suite. If it gets in the way or isn’t thorough, you, like I, may let essential protection slide until it’s too late. Nasties crop up faster than we can blink.
Panda explained to me that some of the benefits of their software, not all of which are unique include:
Panda products include TruPrevent(TM), Panda’s proactive host-based intrusion protection system (HIPS), which [is] the only HIPS solution available for small-to-medium size businesses Just to remind you – their words – not mind. It proactively blocks every major new unknown virus, spyware, Trojan and all other intrusion attempts achieving zero-day protection.
Here are some other differences Panda tells me:
Unlike our competitors ¬? Panda updates everyday. If you want the very latest software version and virus signatures ¬? Panda is the solution.
Panda does a much better job at scanning Outlook PST files and Zip Files.
Panda operates using less system resources
Panda scans faster!
Panda is optimized for [Windows] XP
Panda can be installed in any of 21 difference languages.