Ready for Vista? Dreading File and Program Transfers

Laplink (the company that’s been transferring computer files before there was computers) is getting ready to help users upgrade their computers to Vista. It’s relatively easy to transfer files, but transferring programs is a bit harder as often the programs associate themselves with the operating system.
According to Laplink – With PCmover, users can transfer software programs, plus all of their files and settings, to a new computer. It’s as easy as installing PCmover on both machines, making sure they are connected through any LAN or a Laplink USB Cable, and spending under 5 minutes clicking through a simple migration wizard. Users can then leave the program alone to perform the migration.
Migrating files and programs overall is a pain but if you can find a program to make the process as easy to do as possible, you’ll save a lot of time.

CA’s Desktop Migrator
is a very good tool and remember that Windows XP free built in file transfer Wizard is not bad as well.
The tricky part in migrations is when you have multiple user profiles and need to migrate custom email settings (Outlook for example), book marks and other things.
Sometimes you will run into permission errors.
Either way, if you have more than a few computers, it’s really best to let your local solution provider help you.