SAP Efficiency. IBM Server Reliability

If your business is bursting at the seems, congratulations. However, with this growth means you need to ensure your technology can keep up with the growth. It makes no sense to grow if customers are constantly calling you and asking you why their products are late. If warehouse managers are screaming that they can’t fulfill orders because the inventory has not come in and if your finance department can’t properly bill customers for orders shipped.

SAP has a solution for growing companies that are looking for an integrated solution – mySAP All-in-One. The problem is that upgrading your software means you have to upgrade your hardware and ensure the hardware is properly configured, is stable and will run as efficiently as possible.
IBM’s System i 520 solution Edition for SAP is specifically designed to solve this hardware/software need.
You can get a server from Dell, HP, Gateway or another vendor made for Windows. What IBM is offering is System i, which is a server, storage, software, and security in one package.
By opting for a pre-integrated IBM system, customers can avoid what Yankee Group calls the number one IT pitfall that SMBs face: the lack of integration of applications and systems, which commonly plague sprawling, virus-prone Windows environments.
The IBM System i 520 Solution Edition for SAP applications provides customers a solution that is similarly priced to comparable configurations on Windows-based systems like Dell PowerEdge. Known for their tight integration, SAP business management applications match well with the similarly well-integrated System i platform, which has built-in security, virus-resistance, database and storage as well as systems management recognized for its simplicity. This allows small and midsize businesses to run programs across the entire business from accounting, supply chain, customer relationship management, email and disaster recovery — all on one system that automatically backs-up and helps manage the data.
The IBM System i 520 Solution Edition for SAP applications is an integrated hardware and software solution sized specifically with the additional disk storage necessary to provide up to 100 SAP users access to this robust application portfolio, which includes mySAP All-in-One, business intelligence, customer relationship management, product lifecycle management and supply chain management.
The IBM System i 520 Solution Edition for SAP applications will be available from IBM and IBM Business Partners later this month, starting at $35,000. Get more information here.
Small Business Computing writes Michael Koerner, global business development manager for SAP and IBM systems, said the $35,000 starting price for the server “represents about a 50 percent cut in normal pricing” for the i 520 server. It represents a price point created specifically for what IBM considers the lower end of the SMB market √?— 50 to 100 people. To get that price, Koerner said, an SMB must be able to verify that it has $15,000 in SAP licenses. And new customers must sign on for at least $15,000 in SAP software.