SitePal Avator’s Take Your Leads to Your Live (Human) Sales Team

SitePal’s claim to fame has been their easy to customize avators which can be setup on your web site to say whatever you want them to say. Welcome visitors to your web site, walk people through a short demo and etc. I’ve used them and they’re fun and feature rich.

Up until now, the conversation has been one way. But now SitePal avators can be used to collect leads and pass them on to your sales team.
In addition to lead generation, the technology is also helping to simplify online customer service through talking FAQ functionality and an upgrade to SitePal’s artificial intelligence system. The new features further engage customers while driving overall retention and conversion rates.
“Small Businesses, like any business, are obsessed with getting new clients. With the avatars acting as front line salespeople and generating leads, SMBs are gaining a cost effective way of generating sales leads. Site owners easily program the avatar to pitch the product to visitors and collect their contact information. The solution works wonders and is very affordable. Imagine coming into the office every morning and having a the phone numbers of visitors who are interested in learning more about your product or service” said Adi Sideman, Founder and CEO, Oddcast Inc.