Sophos Security Solutions – Why It’s Different

One of the difficult aspects of writing about anti-virus, anti-spam and other security solutions is trying to show why they are different to you. To help you decide which product is for your business. When you read about technology solutions in this space, I like, in some way to write about how it affects your business or how its different from other products.

You all You know you need security solutions and probably have such software or hardware (firewall and etc) in your business, but technology vendors are constantly pushing out new products.
These products are purchased by existing customers as upgrades or by new customers who are either switching from one vendor’s product to another or who don’t have any such solution – from any vendor.
Security software vendor Sophos announced a new suite of IT security solutions designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). This new Security Suite provides an all-in-one defense against threats on Windows and Mac computers, laptops and servers.
I wondered what makes their offering different than that of any other vendors such as Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro and Microsoft (which now sells security solutions).
Here’s Sophos’ answer:
Integrated protection and centralized clean up Sophos Anti-Virus is a single client for malware, adware and potentially unwanted application detection, removal and authorization – this simplifies protection for a small business. They don’t need to purchase multiple products to protect against multiple threats. The resolve button in the Sophos Control Center allows users to quickly clean up malware or authorize applications from a single central location with no need to physically visit the computer concerned. Users aren’t slowed down when they try to access files as our on-access scanning is significantly faster than other anti-virus products thanks to Decision Caching technology which means only those files that have changed are re-scanned.
Other vendors do not make it easy to remove malware from a central location often requiring the use of an add-on or separate tool to clean-up and many anti-virus products have a reputation for slowing down computers when scanning which can annoy and disrupt end users.
Easy to set up and use:
We are offering the same enterprise quality service, but where we’ve put a lot of investment is in making the management of that as easy as possible. Sophos Control Center is at the heat of this it centralizes installation, configuration, updates of both anti-virus and the client firewall along with the cleanup of malware and PUAs. On installation, the suite automatically detects systems on the network and deploys client software on them. Then the status of the network and systems can be monitored from the Sophos Control Center, which has a dashboard showing a summary of the network information and any problems on both Windows and Macs.
Many companies such as Symantec simply repackage their enterprise products for small businesses. [I just want to remind you, these are Sophos’ words – not mine]
Small businesses who try to manage their environment with these tools find it difficult to install, configure and monitor the protection, which often means they don’t use the protection effectively. Sophos Security Suite is designed with that in mind, so anyone with a broad technical interest can use it effectively and thereby get better security.
Better protection against known and unknown threats:
SophosLabs combined malware and spam labs based in UK, Australia, East and West North America can all issue protection, on average Sophos responds quicker to known threats than both McAfee and Symantec (see Not only are the updates issued quickly they can be rapidly distributed to computers as Sophos has the smaller updates than many other vendors (circa 250KB admin tool/5KB for clients). Unique patent-pending Behavioral Genotype Protection is integrated into Sophos Anti-Virus to stop unknown threats before they have the chance to run on the targeted computer. This delivers the benefits of HIPS to small business users without the need for installation of complex HIPS tools and crucially avoids the chance of partially executed code causing damage and compromising security.
Symantec and McAfee’s lab responses are on average slower than Sophos and their updates are much larger updates (circa 10MB admin tool/250KB for client) and behavioral protection is either not included or complex to implement effectively – especially by a small business.
24/7 technical support:
Help when you need it is essential for small businesses who do not have in-house expertise. We offer telephone, email and online support by experts who can support all products in a single call. Technical support is included for the duration of the license and we don’t limit access, all product upgrades are also included free of charge for the length of a license. Value for money is enhanced further by our multi-year discounts (i.e. 2 years = 150% one year and 3 years = 200% of a one year)
Key competitors do not priorities technical support as we do, expertise in their call centers is not on a par with Sophos often delivered by call centre script readers. Symantec limits availability to business hours only charging extra for 24/7 support. For today’s small businesses this simply isn’t good enough – we believe they should be able to access help whenever they need it.