Spending Money on Technology To Save Money In the Long Run

Ok – so you have a limited amount of money and you figure you’ll cut back on technology spending to save a few bucks. But what happens? Your server goes down, your data is gone and you end up spending a few thousand dollars to get your data back. Or you spend a LOT more money to keep your customers.
That’s not smart, is it?
Instead you should have invested some money in technology to “save” the money in the long run.
Andrea Peiro, founder and chief executive of the Small Business Technology Institute, offered tips to small-business people on just what technology to invest in first, who is most likely to benefit from the most popular products and how they work, writes In Business Las Vegas
In Business Las Vegas continues that technology should not just be about emergencies. It is also a vital component of streamlining your business processes to bring in the most money with the least cost.
“Operations is where you really make money because it’s where you earn the profits,” Peiro said. “It’s the glue that makes all of your business run together successfully. The success of your company depends not only on how well each functional area performs, but also how well the areas interface with each other.”