Successful Travel With Technology

Being in your office or in the comfort of your home is one of the easiest places to use technology. The trouble comes when you have to travel to another city and the trouble increases when you travel to another country.
There’s several things you can do, however, to better ensure your successful use of technology while on the road.
The NFIB gives a checklist which includes:
Check the airline’s rules. Airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, Qantas and Korean Air banned certain Dell and Apple laptop batteries on their flights because of concerns about overheating and potential explosions.
Load up. Don’t get caught without a needed program. Particularly if yours is a company computer, make sure you have all of the programs you’ll need installed and working properly.
Power up. Fully charge your laptop before traveling. Bring all of your chargers and adapters, not only for your laptop but also for your handheld, cell phone and other electronics you may be packing. It can be smart to have spare batteries and make sure you charge and pack them as well.
Look for outlets. Save your battery power for when you need it. Some airplanes provide electrical outlets accessible with an adapter. The same applies for some hotel lounges and coffee shops.