Thanks to Criminals Better Security Will Always be A Need

Yesterday evening I received an email informing me that someone, via PayPal, had sent me $93.50. Hmmm – I wondered who had sent me some unexpected money. That was my first suspicion. The email from PayPal looked fine and real, however when I hovered my mouse over the link to “click to view payment details” I noticed that the URL was NOT coming from PayPal, instead it was being served by another source.

BE WARNED. The URL was very long and had the words “paypal” at the beginning, but I could see it was NOT from PayPal. This is the kind of vigilance you must do when you receive emails and before you click on links in emails.
This reminds me of an announcement that Symantec and Verisign made in regards to them launching a very interesting software solution to help combat scams and enhance security further.
Symantec Corp. and VeriSign, Inc., announced yesterday plans to deliver security solutions to combat the growing threat of consumer identity theft and fraud on the Internet. Their press release reads that Symantec plans to offer support for the VeriSign(R) Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service, which allows consumers to utilize one-time passwords to protect their online identity. The VIP Authentication Service is enhanced by the VIP Shared Authentication Network which enables consumers to use one credential across multiple member websites. In addition, the two companies intend to jointly market combined identity and security solutions to financial institutions, online retailers and end users.
As part of its Security 2.0 strategy, Symantec will provide its Norton customers with solutions for stronger authentication, with support and integration of Norton Accounts with the VIP authentication credentials. The company plans to provide access to a VIP, two-factor credential in a future release of Norton security software. The VIP Shared Authentication Network enables consumers to use a single credential across multiple websites. With two of the most trusted Internet security brands, Symantec and VeriSign have the potential to create a widely-used standard for global identity protection. Symantec’s more than 50 million active Norton subscribers, plus millions of additional consumers who are reached through Symantec’s OEM and ISP channels, will have access to the joint offering.
VIP Authentication Service provides identity protection to consumers who conduct business online. By using an open standards approach, VIP Authentication Service and the VIP Shared Authentication Network allow enterprise members to easily issue and accept two-factor authentication from users, thus eliminating the need to distribute and manage traditional hardware authentication tokens, which has hampered the adoption of stronger, safer authentication technologies. The VIP Shared Authentication Network has also been endorsed by PayPal, eBay, Charles Schwab and Yahoo! For more information on VIP, please go to: