Thin Client vs PC : Simple & Secure vs In-Secure & Complex

PC’s are very nice but the problem they have is that there are moving parts, and there’s so any programs to manage and try to prevent from crashing and data to worry about losing and being corrupted.
With thin-client computing all the data and programs resides on a central server and the thin-client acts as a terminal.
Computer Lab International (CLI) recently announced the new TT3200 Series of Tablet Thin Client Terminals.
Its compact size, portability, and rugged enclosure make it ideal for vertical market
applications. It provides secure access to Microsoft Windows applications and the Citrix Access Platform, as well as midrange, mainframe UNIX and other “legacy” applications, plus Java, multimedia and the Web.
The TT3200 Series features a built-in 8.4″ color LCD display and fast AMD
Geode LX 800 CPU. Its extremely lightweight and compact design, along with wireless
capability, makes it a nice solution for those that require extra processing power, and the freedom of mobility and portability.
Targeted vertical markets include Healthcare, Retail/Wholesale Distribution, Education and Manufacturing. Possible applications include patient monitoring, inventory management and POS, among others.
“The TT3200 Series frees users from stationary desktops and allows
mobility, while maintaining high data security due to the thin client
design,” states Michael Oliva, CLI’s Director of Marketing. “With no moving
parts and a rugged enclosure, these tablet terminals provide high reliability in harsh conditions, making them an ideal choice for many vertical markets.”
With the CLI tablet thin client, users can get the benefits of tablet PCs
(like access to Windows applications, portability and mobility, etc.), and
eliminate some of the drawbacks of tablet PCs (data security, virus vulnerability, etc.).