The Time of Simplicity for Yahoo Small Business. Not More Features.

PC World reports that Yahoo is revamping its Yahoo web site / ecommerce offerings targeted to smaller businesses. Yahoo’s had web hosting and related features for the small business owner for a long time but constantly refreshing and upgrading their offering is important.
The dynamics of the web hosting space is that web hosting itself is a very low margin business, and the money is only made when you have thousands and thousands of customers. However, in addition to simple web hosting the value add is offering more services to your offering and making what you already offer easier to use – as Yahoo is doing.
PC World writes Yahoo plans to unveil today the first stage of the project by introducing two new “wizards” for designing stores and adding inventory information.
The automated guides feature intuitive interfaces, templates, layouts, and menus that hide programming complexity from users, a Yahoo official said.
In addition, the stores built with the wizards are automatically optimized for search engine spiders, said Jimmy Duvall, director of e-commerce products for the Yahoo Small Business unit.

Like many of its competitors,, Homestead Technologies, Earthlink and Office Live, Yahoo offers 3 main offerings – go online, sell online and market online.
In thinking of how their small business site looked like a few months ago, their main page is a refreshment of simplicity. It includes Yahoo offered services but also many resources on a variety of topics, from 3rd party sources, for small businesses as well.
Many technology vendors are looking beyond just adding more features, but making it easier to do what they already offer. Next year Microsof’t new office will have a much simpler task bar. Quick Books 2007 is focused on making things even more simpler and easier to do than they already are.