Unlimited Email Hosting from AppRiver

When I read that AppRiver is announcing UNLIMITED Exchange hosting for $12.95 per mail box I had to tell you.
You should NOT select your email hosting service based on price alone, of unlimited email, however, this is an important consideration.
AppRiver’s press release reads – currently, most hosted Exchange vendors offer 200 MB to 500MB of storage, requiring IT administrators to continually manipulate storage allocation and closely monitor the Exchange Hosting line item in their budget. The unlimited plan from AppRiver removes the time consuming task of quota management, enabling businesses to benefit from the collaboration and mobility offerings of Exchange without storage limitations.
Users of Exchange 2003 have access to company address books, contact management, public folders and file sharing, company calendar for group scheduling, and Outlook Web access. Hosted Exchange users benefit from these features without the overhead required to build and maintain Microsoft licensing and an Exchange environment. AppRiver also offers wireless messaging through BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Goodlink, and Microsoft ActiveSync.
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Singlefin, BlueTie, HyperOffice, MI8, Gmail, OfficeLive and others offer email hosting services. These type of services often blend email hosting and intranet services.