Using PayPal: When Not Knowing Something Can Hurt You

Using PayPal has been a wonderful experience for many. But some people have found that it’s not only a simple pain but MAJOR hassle – especially when your money is held by PayPal as it thinks there’s some fraudulent activity going on.
When this happens PayPal will hold your money until there’s a resolution. wrties a short article with some helpful solutions. It reads But PayPal in the past has caused users some headaches. One big headache: To fight fraud, it installed detection systems that wrongly flagged some innocent users as suspicious, freezing their accounts and making it tricky to unfreeze them. In addition, if you choose to give PayPal your bank-account information, it defaults to pulling money out of that account instead of charging your card, which has triggered complaints. PayPal has recently changed its Web site to make this more clear.