Using Skype Instead of Incurring Roaming Charges

When traveling overseas or even domestically, if there is no coverage from your cell phone carrier this means you have to pay hefty roaming charges. One way around this is to use Skype on your PocketPC.
Skype writes in a press release Skype for Pocket PC 2.1 is supported by more than 60 devices from 20 different manufacturers, all of which give consumers the ability to enjoy free, high-quality voice calls anyplace their device can connect to a high-speed Internet connection, via WiFi and 3G networks.
Using a single device for mobile and Skype calls, Skype users can download the software and use it when traveling anywhere in the world to save considerably on roaming charges. Skype mobile users in the U.S. and Canada can also make free SkypeOut calls to landlines and other mobile phones in the U.S. and Canada until the end of the year. The most current version of Skype for Pocket PC was released on Oct. 5 and can be downloaded for free at

Although I would not bank my entire business on Skype, Skype’s service is a good alternative to high telecommunication costs and/or as a backup if you can’t get access to a telephone.
Imagine being in your hotel room in Moscow or South Africa – simply access the Internet via your PocketPC (or notebook) and call anywhere in the world for VERY low prices or free to USA or Canada.
This is a perfect example how the evolution of technology is of such benefit to businesses.
I know many of you know this already – but there are still so many businesses who do not know about Skype or other innovative technologies.
Technology is NOT perfect, things can and do go wrong. Just this morning, I woke up to get an error that Microsoft Outlook would not open. I had to end up deleting my profile, had a few minutes of horror thinking I lost all of my email and contacts (the later backed up on my PDA) but then realized I could easily recover things!