Using Your Car as An Office – It Can be Done if you are Prepared

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I’ve heard of busy sales or support professionals using their car as an office, so they can be on the road with customers more, but doing it to save gas I had not thought of.
I guess with gas prices “high” it saves time and money, in the long run, to not have to go back to the office, when you can have your office with you.
NFIB offers some tips and writes 1 – Make sure your vehicle is mobile-office friendly. Do you have enough storage space? Will you have to take a seat out to make room for all your files and equipment? Do you usually have passengers or workers with you who would prohibit this? Depending on how much equipment you require, you may have to reconfigure seats in your car or van to make this work.
2 Check with your insurance carrier. Tell your insurance carrier what you plan to do and ask if your current insurance will cover any loss, damage or theft to your vehicle if you use it as a mobile office. If you fail to report this, you could invalidate your vehicle coverage.
3Have the right equipment. The basic components of a mobile office are simple: You’ll need a laptop computer, cell phone and a printer, all of which you probably already have. You will also need wireless connection. A personal digital assistant (a PDA such as a Palm Pilot or iPaq) is also a good way to help you keep up with your schedule. You’d be wise to trade in your large office printer for a smaller one that does multiple jobs like scanning and copying. Also helpful (and possibly even the law) would be a hands-free headset for your phone if you plan on talking and driving at the same time. You should also do daily backups on a CD, in case of theft or system problems.