VOIP and Buying Jewelry

Over the weekend I went to buy a piece of jewelry for my wife as a gift. I know nothing about high end watches or jewelry so did a bit of on the spot research with the sales person. He was very helpful and in the end I think I walked out with a nice piece of jewelry. My wife’s smile said it all.
What’s this have to do with VOIP?
If you have not yet assessed if VOIP is for your business, then it’s time that you finalize once and for all if it’s for you. If it’s not for you, and you’ve come to that conclusion by making an informed decision fine.
However, most of you will know it’s for you.
eWeek has an extensive round up of the current state of the VOIP market here.
One of the sub-parts of the articles gives four reasons for VOIP and relates the inside story of someone who analyzed their calls and realized why VOIP made sense for them.
Some of their findings was:
– We were making a lot of calls and spending a lot of money doing so.
– About 65 percent of call attempts were to a “station” (not an 800 number) which we took to be a specific person. About 35 percent were to toll-free numbers and most of these (32 percent of all calls) were to audio bridge access numbers.
– The 30 percent of bridged audio calls accounted for more than 60 percent of all minutes on the switch, and the percentage of minutes was steadily increasing.
– 82 percent of all station-to-station calls ended up in voicemail. (And it didn’t matter if the call was station-to-station on our network or to an off-network number. The percentages were almost identical.)
– The average number of attempts before a person-?to-person connection was achieved was 3.15.
– The average message left in voicemail lasted 28 seconds. (We had a 120 second maximum limit.)
– Around 12 percent of the calls were to another country (mostly Canada, the U.K. or France with the remainder scattered all over Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America). There is voicemail everywhere these days and international voicemail is expensive.

Work.com has a VERY good overview of VOIP here.