Want To Increase Sales? Reduce Product Choice

If you are selling online, you might be tempted to bulk up on your product offerings and sell as many products as you can. Choice is important to customers – but if you offer them TOO much choice or if you make the process confusing then you’ll only make it hard for customers to buy from you.
This does not only apply to the products you offer, but also HOW you offer them. If your web site is not simple and easy to navigate, how can you expect good sales.
Forbes.com writes The key for retailers, says Schwartz, is to find the “sweet spot” that balances the level of choice with what customers can adequately process, appreciate and act on. That’s what Google did back in 1998 when it introduced its elegantly simple homepage, vaulting it ahead of established (and comparatively cluttered) players Excite and Yahoo! More recently, clothier Ann Taylor and Staples have spurred sales by reducing the number choices in each of their product categories.