“Web 2.0” Tools to make you more productive

In the old days we’d simply call them hosted applications but I guess now people are getting fancy and starting to call many hosted applications 2.0 tools.
In any case, there’s a ton of smaller companies that are providing free and/or low cost online tools to enhance business and personal collaboration.
I have not even started using all the power of social bookmarking site del.icio.us yet but it’s one of many sites that let you organize your “stuff” and share it with others.
Cnet has a nice round up of these tools here and writes Wufoo makes it easy to create online forms. Want to put a survey on your site? Collect email addresses? Poll your users? Check out this tool, it looks fantastic. Pricing is based on number of records collected.
Smartsheet is a “team task manager.” It works a lot like a group spreadsheet, but there’s more here. This tool lets you roll sub-projects into bigger projects, and makes it easy to request status updates from team members — including recurring updates (it will bug a person once a week, for example). The email users get is a form, and when they fill it out, it updates the Smartsheet project list. Looks like a very clean and useful tool.
Trovix is a recruiting and hiring tool. For each job opening, the user puts in some text in various fields (education, experience, and so on), and the system analyzes resumes and puts the most promising candidates at the top of the stack. The matching system does some language analysis; it doesn’t just match keywords. Trovix reads PDF and Word files, so applicants don’t have to submit their resumes into a Web form.

There’s many more.