Web Faxing: Rapid Fax vs eFax

Today I went about (well tried to) setting up a web based fax system to send out blast faxes. I currently use Win Fax Pro from a computer but wanted to move it to the web so that not only could I do it but anyone authorized could do it. Also, when the faxing program is sending faxing (about 200 at a time) it slooooooooooowwwws down the computer it’s on.

I tried out eFax and Rapid Fax – here’s my experience with both.
I only got so far with eFax as they demanded that I fax them my credit card details since this was the first time I was working with them! I called their customer service number and left them a voice mail. A few minutes later I got an email saying they could quickly resolve the issue.
By then it was too late as I had signed on with EasyLink’s RapidFax by then.
Rapid Fax is $9.95 per month and the first 100 faxes per month are free – over that it’s $0.08 per fax. eFax has no per fax charge and costs $0.06 per fax.
I thought that importing my fax numbers to Rapid Fax would be easy – usually importing is…however, Rapid Fax forces you to have your fax list in a very “weird” format. I struggled for several minutes until I figured out how to do it.
Rapid Fax has excellent support.
I ended up not using Rapid Fax as they have a limit of 10 recipients at a time. I needed to send about 200 faxes. Their web site says that the fax limit is due to ones credit rating but their customer service rep told me the limit was a firm 10 at this time.