When Hosted Apps get Local things get Exciting

One of the barriers I find to using hosted applications is that when I’m not connected to the Internet, which is rare, I can’t access my data. However, what if there was a solution that had an off-line software component kick in, with access to your data when there was no Internet connection.
If Google did this with its new hosted offerings it would indeed be a “killer app”.
ZD Net writes This is nothing new. Perhaps the best solution I’ve seen that does roughly the same thing and that makes synchronization between the local and network-based storage (and just requires a low-overhead local HTTP server) is Userland’s Radio blogging solution (credit to Dave Winer). More and more, solution providers will recognize the genius in that design as they look to deal with the offline problem as elegantly as possible given today’s constraints. Radio even works across platforms (Mac and Windows).