Why I Changed to Microsoft Outlook from Mozilla Thunderbird

Well after a LONG time on Mozilla Thunderbird I’m back to using Microsoft Outlook. I’ve only been using Outlook for email for a few minutes and I already am getting used to it and like it.
While Thunderbird was/is very good, there are two things and one in particular that I didn’t like. 1. My mail boxes kept crashing and I’ve had to end up deleting my in-box or other active mail boxes. 2. The other thing is that Outlook is compatible with so many other software products, Thunderbird is not.
The switch was not too hard. I downloaded a tool Aid4Mail which seamlessly converted my mail boxes from Thunderbird to Outlook.
I then typed in some of my custom filters to make it easier to sort through the thousands of spam messages PER DAY I receive. Once I type in a few of the automated templates I use, that’s about it.
I’ll miss Thunderbird to some degree but Outlook 2003 looks nice, has good features (email pops up in a see through like box as it comes in ) and is compatible with so many other programs.
What about your small business? Have you switched to another product some months ago and it’s not quite perfect? Switch back to what you were using and see if it’s any better.