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When you search on Google for a topic you are overwhelmed with a list of search engine results. If you are a business, especially a small business looking for answers to a specific question you simply don’t have the time to wade through all of these results looking for a specific solution. How can you get to the answer you need quickly.

Jake Winebaum, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a directory of 400,000 business listings in 65,000 industries created to help solve this problem.
While search engines overwhelm you with answers, articles you might find on the web sites of small business media like, and other resources often don’t point you to solutions. You have to go back to a search engine to find a solution and then get overwhelmed.
On the eve of the launch of Jake explained to me that is an index of over 1,000 guides on all sorts of business focused topics. Each guide on is written in a very specific format to ensure you have an overview of the topic, actions steps, where you can go on the Internet for more information, and a list of recommended providers suggested by the guide author.
Jake told me that the answer a small business needs is definitely on the Internet, the key is finding it. helps businesses find the answers they need quickly and comprehensively.
Similar to and other popular rating services, rates its guides. Guides are rated by editors (at this time each guide must be first rated by an editor), registered users, non-registered users and experts (you become an expert after having written a certain number of guides to make you an expert). Each category of “rater” has a vote that is weighted differently than the other. For example the rating of a registered user is more than the rating of a non-registered user.
I looked at the guide for employee incentives written by Linda Formichelli. She received a rating of 8 out of 10. What’s nice about her guide and the hundreds of other guides on is that is was CHOCK FULL OF RICH information, links to other resources and further reading. If you want to add something to what Linda wrote you can use the comments section to become a part of her guide! All the guides on are written in this similar format.
Each guide has a link to their bio so that you can find out more about the guide author and contact them for further information. Linda’s bio is here.
To the right of the employee incentive guide are links to related guides and related topics.
I typed the word “incorporate” into the search engine and a box popped up offering suggestions and/or giving me the option to continue typing my search query.
As you browse through you might think it’s similar to (owned by the NY Times). In a way it is – as both have human authors writing guides. But the big difference is that is business guides for businesses.’s content is about things for business and non-business. Another site that comes to mind is Initially this site was served by guides who were rated similar to The site is now a wiki of small business topics, resources and news.
To start things off’s guides have been written by staff and hired writers. Since the site has been open to the public you’ll find more articles written by entrepreneurs and business owners who are experts in particular fields.
What’s in it for you?
Come to to get answers or give answers and get visibility for your expertise.