Worry Free Data Protection (done right) from IBM Tivoli

I was watching a TV commercial for a car and in the commercial, there’s a crane lifting heavy steel beams that begin to fall down a hill, to a road that the car is on. As the beams begin to get almost to the point of impact to the car, the commercial pauses and the next sheen shows the car moving on – safe – escaping being hit. Another car commercial, someone was telling me about, is how the car is crushed and the people in the car walk out just fine.
What does this mean for you? Your computer is your car and your data is YOU in your car. If something happens to your hard disk you want to ensure your data is safe.
IBM is one of the leaders in continuous data protection (CDP) the industry term which means your data is always protected with minimal (or no) action required from you after your CDP system is setup.
IBM’s Tivoli Continuous Data Protection costs only $35 per license with a cost of under $1,000 for the server component.
Some highlights of this service, from IBM’s web site includes:
-Protect important files¬?continuously and in real time
-Take advantage of rapid disk-to-disk protection and restore capabilities
-Minimize the backup/recovery window
-Achieve point-in-time-based recovery with the ability to roll back to arbitrary versions
-Set options for high- and low-priority files
-Multiple backup/replication targets
-Protect file servers and transient connected endpoints
-Optimize recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO)
-Retain data files for predefined lengths of time
-Help control costs with increased user productivity
-Easy to implement and transparently runs in the background
Isn’t it nice to know that if you need to have access to data that you thought you lost, you can? What else is nice, is that there’s no need for you to wait for your “IT person” to get the files for you – you can get them on your own.
HOW IBM Tivoli backs up your files isalsos important. Many solutions backupfiless once per day (at night) but if you’ve been working on a file at 10:00am and your PC crashes at 3:00pm, before the backup, then you lose your work. Having the files backed up as it changes ensures you always have the latest version backed up.