Zimbra Gets Better with 4.0 – Hosted collaboration

Small Business Computing writes that Zimbrahas just released the product’s 4.0 version. An already strong product, it’s now even more useful with online document creation and mobile device compatibility.
If you want a quick and painless way to have feature rich email and collaboration, that you don’t have to implement and maintain yourself, hosted applications are the way to go.
The only problem is that if you don’t have access to the Internet you can’t work. What’s nice is a blend of hosted application and software client, like BlueTie offers.
Between HyperOffice, Office Live, BlueTie, Singlefin, WebExOne and the many other solutions out there I’m not sure if there’s one that’s the BEST solution.
The key is to consider which solution is BEST for YOU. Keep in mind that some solutions excel at email hosting and provide other tools. Some solutions excel at collaboration but throw in email hosting as an after thought.
You might be tempted to have 2 or 3 solutions that offer you best of breed. While on the other hand having one solution gives you much better integration between applications such as email and collaboration.
Maybe a hosted solution is not for you. EMC has a solution which you can install on your own servers and I recently reviewed it here.