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Verizon’s LG enV Phone – Great Keyboard

For the past day I’ve been testing out Verizon’s LG enV phone. I like it. It’s not the slimmest phone but it’s small enough. What’s mot impressive about the phone is that it has a full keyboard that is accessible when you flip open the clam shell phone. I like this bigger keyboard as it’s […]

The problem with good companies is…

…they’re so busy treading water to remain ‘good’, it probably won’t ever occur to them to take some time and focus on becoming great – never mind excellent. [RAMON’S NOTE: Please welcome contributing editor, Lena West, CEO of xynoMedia Technology and the creator of the 8-week teleconsulting program, Technology Diet] Through the course of my […]

NYXPO Tech and Business Show

On 29 November 2006 at the at the NYXPO inside the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Booth #443, join and special guests to help you learn how to leverage technology and business processes in YOUR business. Get more information, including the agenda, on the NYXPO Business and Technology Show here. Who will be there? […]

Will Vista and Office 2007 Dazzle You?

Which side of the fence will you be on? The side that upgrades to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007? Or the side that for now is just fine with Windows XP and Office 2003? For my production machine, I’ll stick to XP and Office 2003 (for now) but I’ll test out Vista and Office […]

Bye, Bye, bCentral. Hello Office Live

bCentral was Microsoft’s flagship center of online services for small businesses. It’s now been officially bumped and dumped for Office Live according to this web site. The web site reads – As of November 15, 2006 Microsoft will no longer accept new sign-ups for select Microsoft Online Small Business Services. These services, previously marketed under […]

Secure Your WiFi with Your Finger

One of the big problems companies have with using WiFi in their business is the lack of security. There are many things that can be done to secure it pretty well – such as a VPN, ensuring that the SSID is not broadcasting and limiting connections to a specific MAC address. Another option, possibly more […]