$279 Lexmark Printer – Wireless and 2 Sided Printing

Printer prices going low are not new. It’s a simple fact. However, what caught my eye in Lexmark’s press release about the new Lexmark X9350 is the two sided and wireless printing options.
Two sided printing helps you save on paper, and possibly more important for some of you, reduces the weight of paper you have to carry with you.
Wireless printing option enables anyone within range, and authorized to print to the printer.
The press release reads Exceptional print quality is a fundamental need for many SOHO users, and the Evercolor 2 pigmented ink technology makes professional caliber results a reality. From printing business cards, to marketing brochures, to fliers and presentations, Evercolor 2 pigmented inks deliver crisp, clear results that are water-resistant and resistant to smearing from being handled or from markers used for highlighting text. The fade resistance characteristics and vibrant colors produced by Evercolor 2 pigmented inks and Lexmark PerfectFinish(TM) Photo Paper provide outstanding printed results that can stay that way for years to come.
If you’re looking for a low cost printing solution, which “high-cost” options Lexmark’s new printer is clearly an option.