Are You Failing In Security Issues?

Former White House security adviser Howard Schmidt told an IT meeting in London that small businesses are still not cognizant of IT issues – at least as much as they should be and this is why “managed” security providers will be in demand. Managed service providers provide security services for a flat monthly.
What about your business?
Have you, your IT person or your secretary installed anti-virus software on each computer, but neglected to update it? What about protecting your network from phishing attacks via email? Intrusion detection?
There are so many facets to security that you can’t possibly know everything about it any more than you can know everything about legal or accounting issues. Guess what? You have an accountant and lawyer.
I think that as a small business owner you should definitely be aware of your need for security, but you are not the expert. It’s your technology solution provider’s JOB to ensure your company has a comprehensive security solution which includes backup and recovery.
Make sure your IT consultant is a security expert and NOT just one who can upgrade hard disks. Vendors such as Symantec, Microsoft, CISCO, McAfee and others offer a variety of solutions for YOU. For your IT consultant many vendors also offer IT security programs to help them improve their security skills.
Cnet writes further McMurdie said that computer security should follow common-sense procedures. “If you had a house, what traditional measures would you have around the premises? Who has a key? People need to apply the same common sense to Internet security. Stand back and look at who has access, who has a password.

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