Being Spoiled By Web 2.0. Expecting More From Web 1.0

I was reading a review of HyperOffice by Cnet editor Rafe Needleman.
His review was overall favorable I think but one big complaint was that there were so many clicks and not enough “web 2.0” features as found in other web applications.
This got me thinking that this is indeed one way to choose what applications you want for your business.
Rafe writes n fact, in testing HyperOffice I quickly grew tired of its Web 1.0 interface. Annoyances popped up all over the site: The e-mail editor is text-only (although the intranet site creator has a WYSIWYG text editor). To create an appointment you have to click “add event,” instead of just clicking on the day or time. In the bookmark manager, to add an image to a saved link, you have to point to a JPG — an up-to-date app would make its own screenshot. If you want to move columns around on your start page, you have to go into a text menu, instead of just dragging them, as you can do on almost any modern start page. And so on.
If you are looking to move to a hosted application platform it makes sense to consider if the application has the usability features, which can make the difference between a 15 hour day and a 12 hour day (or maybe 10)! The online application which makes your job easier and in fact works for YOU is going to enhance your overall productivity.

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