Decline of Paper Yellow Pages – Rise of Online Advertising

You have probably been buried in articles about the benefits (and things to watch out for) of online advertising. But don’t ignore the onslaught.
Online advertising is one of the benefits of the Internet that is definitely NOT hype and can GROW your business.
Small businesses all over the USA (and beyond) are finding that pay-per-click online advertising not only helps them pay less for their advertising needs but helps them find local customers as well.
Although I’m an early adopter to many technologies I’ve found that I’ve personally used traditional yellow pages much, much less over the past years. Others are also using online resources more for business to business and business to consumer products and services. Whether you are using Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask or some other search engine, typing a product/service you are looking for into the search engine followed by your zip code will often lead you to local sources for your need.
Startupjournal writes Five years ago, when Pat Sheetz bought Mari’s Skin Care, a skin care and day spa in Dallas, nearly 70% of her business came from print yellow pages advertising, with 15% to 20% from referrals and the rest from other print media. Today, she says, print yellow-page ads contribute only half as much business as they used to, while local Internet advertising has made up the difference. Ms. Sheetz says she does much of her online advertising on Verizon’s SuperPages, one of big players among local online directories.
The most common online ad service local businesses use is what’s called “pay-per click,” which are the ads that appear adjacent to or above search results on Yahoo, MSN, Google and others. Advertisers buy the rights to keywords and then pay only when someone clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s Web site.

Of course, even the traditional yellow page publishers have had online destinations for years. So between them and the search engines you really don’t need the paper yellow pages anymore.