Don’t Let Web 2.0 Pass You Bye

Web 2.0 – you read about it so much you might think it was the latest rock group. However, I’m sure most of you know it’s about the rise of social media and collaboration. It’s about how blogging, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, wikis and podcasts can really and truly BOOST your business and make you more productive.
Online survey company Zoomerang did a study, to be fully released next week which shows some disappointing (but also some encouraging numbers)
Their study found:
An astounding 79% of marketers are not even familiar with the term Web 2.0
Of those marketers who are familiar with Web 2.0, 33 % are deploying Web 2.0 tactics
The Good News?
More than 70% of those marketers utilizing Web 2.0 have found it to be successful
The market potential is there – almost 60% of all those surveyed work for companies with annual revenue of over a $1 million.
I was at an event tonight by an association of communication professionals
Download my presentation here.. Half of the room used and knew about many of these web 2.0 technologies but many did not. They were at this event to learn.
There is indeed a lot of hype with Web 2.0 technologies and all of these technologies are NOT for everyone. However, for those who can harness one or more of these technologies you’ll find higher search engine traffic, better informed customers, more savvy employees and other benefits. (I have not even mentioned saving time and money!)