Free IT Inventory Management Software

Keeping track of the software and hardware for your growing business is NOT easy. This is where IT inventory software comes into play. Some inventory software is fee based while others are free. One service, Spiceworks, offers free IT inventory management that’s paid for with Google Adwords.

Network World writes “Would I pay for it if I had to? Yes, but only if it was very reasonably priced,” says John Yensen, systems integration manager at Fort Maier Homes in Crownsville, Md. “The ads haven’t been in any way intrusive to what I am doing while in the interface. I can see them, but they in no way interfere with my job.”
Yensen tracks more than 40 desktops in his company’s main location and scattered throughout the local area. He says a simple Web search led him to Spiceworks, and he has been using the software since June. With it, he has found unauthorized applications on client machines, which he says would have gone undiscovered using his previous management techniques. And with new features coming out next week, Yensen says he can better track problems he needs to address and maintain user productivity.