HearMe: Web Conferencing Complete from Your Computer No Telephone

For many of the web conference services, you sign up for the audio portion as a separate component that you often have to use a telephone with.
Your web conference is done via the computer and you call a 1-800 number or a toll number to speak to your audience via telephone.
HearMe eliminates this two step dance and integrates everything on the computer. HearMe offers interactive video calling, broadcast presentations, data sharing, and video on demand publishing.
Prices range from $30 – $150 per month depending on how many persons you need to be in your digital room.
As airline prices go up and down and as gas prices get insane some days and more sane the next, being able to conduct video conferences is a plus. Being able to do it all from just your computer is an even bigger plus.
What’s nice about not having to use a telephone, is that in your hotel room or in a cab (if you have wireless broadband) you could conduct a video conference to 20 persons and not have to worry about holding a phone to your ear as well.