Ignoring Your Phone System? Looking for a Phone System?

If you are looking for a phone system, there are so many choices in the market. If you are not a telephone expert, as I’m sure 99% of you are not, then it’s probably important to work with a local consultant who can help guide you into the phone system best for you.
In addition, do your own research and see what options are available. Price is going to be an issue, but don’t let price be your only issue and cause you to get something you really don’t need.
Network Computing reviewed several phone systems and writes But many small and midsize businesses spend too much time worrying about mobile voice/data access and too little time contemplating mundane wired telecom. That’s a mistake: They may not be glamorous, but fixed and landline services consume $8 of every $10 spent reconfiguring end user voice and data systems, according to a Forrester survey of executives at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.
If you want telephony features that provide a professional appearance for your business as well as more cash to spend on mobility–or security, or applications–consider an IP PBX.
Fonality, an open source based IP telephony system vendor released its new PBXtra Professional Edition IP-PBX and HUD (Heads-Up Display) Team application.
PBXtra Professional Edition includes all the features in PBXtra Standard Edition such as telecommuting, branch office support, voicemail-to-email, click-to-call, VoIP, softphones and support for IP and analog phones. In addition, PBXtra Professional Edition adds more advanced call management capabilities including the ability to build groups of employees and assign them permissions, zone paging, zone intercom across the Aastra and Polycom phone lines, NPA/NPX call routing and unlimited party conference bridge.