Keyword Search: Torso vs Long Tail

To successfully sell online, using cost per click keyword searches, it is important that you pick the right keywords. While many advertisers focus on the “long tail” by using words such as Boston Dog Kennel (very local and specific and lower cost) or something very popular (imagine the “head”) and use words like Mp3 or computer, many advertisers forget about the “torso”.
Wilson Web writes Very little research is required to unearth the right “head” words – it just takes deep pockets, careful bidding, and a strong underlying business.
But a key variable that many advertisers neglect is somewhere between head and tail – let’s call it the “torso.” The “torso” words would include secondary ways of describing your main product or service. They’d include long lists of highly relevant two-word broad matches that contain a popular core word as the first word.
For example, the phrase “mathematics tutorial” needs to be supplemented by including all the variations of tutorial that make sense, as well as any significant versions of the word mathematics that make sense: math, maths, etc.

If you want to make and not lose money in CPC advertising I would highly suggest you understand the full science of this low cost and powerful advertising method. It’s part art but a LOT of science that you can track and monetize with facts
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