Learning from the CIA’s web site. It can help your own.

The CIA started to realize that the test it had to steer people to one of three of its divisions usually steered people to the wrong place. Also it realized that it needed to re-do it’s online personality quiz to make them more fun, modern and in such a way to get MORE of the people it wants.
The Associated Press writes The agency’s online personality test is the equivalent of a help-wanted sign, posted on the closest thing the agency has to a front door ó its Web site. The frivolous quiz is designed to encourage job applications while dispelling myths about the agency, some of them born of the James Bond stereotype.
What about your web site? Are you willing to look at it, test it, measure it and see how affective it is in reaching your goals.
The CIA is a model of this. They have a goal – recruiting certain types of people are willing to scrap what they though was right if the data shows that what they thought was right is wrong.
If the goal of your web site is to build customer relations make sure you measure if it is indeed building customer relations. If it’s not you need to figure out why and how you can make the web site do what YOU want it to do!
The AP writes “Some of the old-timers grumbled, ‘Where’s the mystique? Where is the aura of mystery around what we do?'” McCluskey said in an interview. “The good news is that we are not seeking to hire those people.”
Instead, he said, the CIA is after the generation that has grown up on the Web. “They were born with ear buds in their ears. They are ADD and it is contagious,” he said, referring to attention deficit disorder. “We need that kind of talent here.”

Listen to what others have to say and then do what you feel to do and what your data tells you to do.