Making Your Movies with Movie Maker and Pinnacle Studio

Today I took some time to edit video. One was a skit my family did about impatient and patient passengers – quite funny. The other was a presentation I gave at SMBNation 2006 this past September.
Windows Movie Maker is a free program that comes with Windows XP and Pinnacle’s Studio Quickstart Edition comes bundled with many video cameras and other multi-media-ish hardware.
My quite amateur-ish job today taught me that as technology evolves small business owners can do more and more to advance their business in so many ways.
For example, buy a semi-professional video camera ($1,000 or so), get some low cost video software and you can be on your way to creating a decent video about your business or some business process for customers, prospective customers or new staff.
Imagine your new hire, seeing a short, funny video clip about your company as a compliment to reading a 50 page manual.
What if you left a DVD with a customer considering buying from you that gave them an overview of your business and why they should choose you? The clip could include comments from other customers and your employees as well.
Windows Vista will come with a new movie making program and built in compatibility for a range of devices. This will foster even more creativity by consumers and businesses I hope.
Video takes a lot of space, but guess what you can host it on YouTube, GoogleVideo or MSN’s video for free.
Maybe video’s a bit too much for you right now – start with podcasts instead!