Must You Give Your Blog Personality to Succeed?

I’ve been writing a blog and email newsletter for years – blending the content from one to the other. I’ve found that I have a loyal audience on both. What about you? Can your blog and web site be the same?
What I’ve found is that not all of my audience wants to read via RSS – they prefer to receive content to their email box.
Clickz writes Which brings us to my second point about blogs: you need to “have a take and don’t suck” in the immortal words of Jim Rome. You can create an e-mail newsletter that’s “just the facts,” and it will be received just fine. Not so with a blog; it’s got to have some personality to truly be a blog. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
I’m not sure if I agree with this as it really depends on what your blog and email newsletter are for. If you are creating an email newsletter, “from the heart” and to have a dialogue with your audience it has to have some personality just like your blog should.
Maybe your blog is simply a way to quickly post sales data via RSS feed for customers. It need not have personality.
There’s one school of thought that blogs are about only communication and community. I disagree and think a blog is really all about what YOU want it to be. A warm conversation or a plain vanilla fact based information resource for customers.
You can easily create a blog via (which I use), Typepad, Movable Type or Word Press. Newsletter? Constant Contact is one of the best.