Notebook Need Repair? Pay Less with Pell Technology

If something goes wrong with your notebook, often it can cost several hundred dollars to have it repaired. Furthermore, you might have to pay a fee even if the notebook can’t be repaired. Pell Technology, based in Florida, is using a different notebook repair model to lower notebook repair costs. Even monitors (not cracked) that go dim can be repaired for much less than the cost of repairing them.
Their press release reads – The actual method is referred to as component level repair. This involves the technician repairing the different areas of the circuit board. After pre-evaluation, the technicians at Pell Technology will remove the circuit board from the laptop, pin-point the area that is causing the problem, and then repair that specific area.
This is also done with the laptop screen. Although a laptop screen can not be repaired if it is cracked, many times customers have a screen with very faint view or no view at all. A screen with these problems can be removed and repaired.
This type of repair is different from the type of repair that major retailers and most computer shops offer in one major way. Most of these retailers will just quote the customer on the replacement cost of these major parts (circuit board and screen). This price is normally about five times the price of component level repair offered by Pell Technology, Inc.
On average a repair of this nature at Pell Technology costs in the neighborhood of $150, where a replacement would run upwards of $700.
Pell Technology is working with retailers so they can repair notebooks for lower cost as well.

2 thoughts on “Notebook Need Repair? Pay Less with Pell Technology

  1. Michael

    These people have took my money and my laptop and not returned my laptop or phone calls, emails. I purchased through eBay buyer laptop-TEK. Now they have no more items listed on ebay for sale when they had hundreds of items before. You can not track your repair using their tracking system. BUYER BEWARE!!

  2. Michael

    I have also sent my laptop to this company through an eBay merchant named “laptop-TEK” using the buy it now purchased for an $150.00 on 27 Feb 2009. After 3 days of not hearing how to send my laptop, I emailed and was told to go to Pell Tech’s web site and fill out an repair ticket and tell them that Mike had receive the money already through PayPal. They contacted me back and gave me an purchase ticket number to send with the computer. I sent my computer and it was received by a Zuleta on 9 Mar 2009. After not hearing from them for 12 days, I email them back (Impossible to call them, and they don’t return phone calls) I got 3 invoices from them stating that I need to pay $175.00 to get my laptop repaired. I immediately wrote back and told them that I had already payed and sent a copy of my reciept along with the laptop. They wrote back and said that they would check their PayPal records to see if the money was received and I should be receiving a tracking number shortly. This was two weeks ago on 17 Mar 2009. I have called 3-5 times everyday for the last week and emailed twice a day. I have not gotten a return phone call or email. The tracking op my repair ticket on their site says that the item does not exist. I’m probably will have to go to small claims court in order to get some kind of response. I opened up a PayPal claim to try and get my money back. I’m still out of a good laptop and $35.00 for shipping. BUYER BEWARE this may be a scam or just bad business practices. Mike in Memphis

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