Offertrax – Retailers, Let Your Customers Track Your Products Via RSS

Have you ever had the experience of going to a web site, seeing a product and not wanting to buy it right then? For whatever reason you wish you could keep updated about its status.
What kind of status? Pricing? in-stock? out-of-stock? discontinued? and etc.
Offertraxlet’s you do just that.
Selling online is great but less than 3% of web site traffic converts to sales. How can you boost this? By letting visitors keep track of products on your site that they are most interested in.
Maybe a visitor does not want to buy now, but when they see, via Offertrax’s RSS feed that there’s only 10 of the item left, they’ll buy.
Check it out for yourself. It’s free to be a ‘tracker’ and retailers can use the service for free up to 31 December 2006.