Programmers – Look for them at your online application service provider

The growth of programmers who are programming for online applications is growing and this is good news for you. Just this week BlueTie announced TieIn, a Web services platform that gives resellers the ability to manage all of their customers in a single interface and develop powerful new mash-ups.
Yahoo, reports CNet, writes In September, for the first time, the company hosted a Hack Day, where it invited outside developers to mingle with its engineers and write ad hoc “mashup” Web applications using Yahoo’s online services.
Traditionally software vendors, such as Microsoft (they made Windows and Office which birthed thousands of applications), Intuit (Quickbooks has dozens of applications that can be added to it), Gold Mine, Act! and other programs have encouraged independent software developers to create add-on programs for their applications.
This means that not only can you purchase the base product but you also are able to ensure that the product can extend and grow with you as 3rd party applications are created to extend its base functionality.
Cnet continues The Internet giant’s shift in attention toward developers, particularly those at Web start-ups, highlights the strategic importance of Web development partners as more applications move online.
Web heavyweights, eBay, Google and Microsoft have made developer loyalty a high priority. Yahoo, which launched its Developer Network in March, has taken that tack as well.

As you consider online applications for your business, one big consideration is how many developers are writing software for it and/or what are the vendor’s plans to develop an “independent programmers” program.
As Microsoft’s Office Live matures look for more programmers to create applications for it. The same with NetSuite and others.