QuickBooks Point of Sale: Helping Retailers Move Beyond Pen/Paper and Cash Registers

With 55,000 customers, Quickbooks Point of Sale is twice as large as its nearest competitor. Out of the 24 million small businesses in the US, 4 million are in retail and this is the market Intuit is after.
Last week Intuit launched QuickBooks Point of Sale Retail Management Software 6.0.

The challenge Joanne Jacobs, general manager of Intuit’s retail solutions division and her team face is not necessarily from direct competitors, such as Microsoft’s own point of sale solution or others. The challenge is helping retailers understand why they need a point of sale solution.
20% of retailers use a point of sale solution, but 15% use just a calculator and 65% use a regular (dumb) cash register.
In true Intuit fashion, refreshingly Joanne is not just an executive walled off from her customers, but she uses a point of sales solution and volunteers at non-profit events where she can ring up sales!
“A retail business is not simply about selling items,” said Joanne. “To succeed, retailers need easy-to-use tools to manage all aspects of the business – from tracking inventory and customers to paying employees. And a growing number of retailers want to attract new customers online without a considerable investment or risk. The new integrated services in QuickBooks Point of Sale help break down the barriers to online marketing.”
What’s inside this new edition:
To help retailers reach the wealth of new prospective customers online, the latest Point of Sale includes the new QuickBooks Product Listing Service. This service lets retailers display their product lists to online shoppers on Google through Google Base to help attract local buyers to their shops. Other Google offerings include integrated AdWords sales and free listings with Google Maps.
Creating an online store is seamless with QuickBooks POS-compatible e-commerce solutions from Intuit partners.
QuickBooks Point of Sale offers several new tools and reporting features that help retailers gain better insight into their inventory and accurately answer customer questions regarding items in stock.
QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to let retailers spend more time on their customers and less time in the back office. The new version features an improved retail dashboard, which provides key business metrics, such as best-selling items and up-to-date sales figures, in a single view. This lets business owners easily keep an eye on the store without needing to run a series of reports.
Retailers often purchase products in bulk, such as cases, from suppliers then sell those products to customers in individual units. The new Multiple Units of Measure feature removes the hassle of manual conversion ¨ñ and the risk of costly errors – by automatically calculating the conversion from one unit to another in the appropriate forms including invoices, purchase orders and inventory reports.
There’s a lot more in this new edition, such as a new Committed/Available Inventory tool that quickly shows items that have been placed on hold by a customer and a ratings & trends tool that shows how items are performing day-to-day and over time.