Rave CRM – Powerful Interface & Features Boosts Sales

Entellium makes a hosted CRM package to help businesses manage their customer relations and sales. The service offers a range of tools and solutions to help your sales force, to add mobile CRM to your smartphone/PDA and to manage a customer service center.

Yesterday Entellium launched Rave CRM a software solution competing directly with ACT!, Outlook, Salesforce.com, Outlook and Excel (yep it’s one of the BIGGEST competitors of many software products and hosted services).
What makes Rave CRM shine is its amazing interface.
At $400 per year, you might blink before buying this product, but if SALES is your blood stream, I would highly suggest you at least check it out and try a demo.
It’s a hot product in that it has full online and offline availability, with instant page uploads and navigation because data is stored locally and online. This feature is a VERY POWERFUL feature.
Built in RSS feeds and advanced automation, combined with the slick interface make this product more than software as usual.
Entellium’s press release reads – To build a superior sales productivity tool, Entellium sought feedback from hundreds of salespeople around the globe. The company asked these individuals what they liked and did not like about sales management products they had used in the past, including PC-based contact managers as well as CRM solutions from a wide variety of vendors, including enterprise and hosted applications. In addition, each was asked to describe his or her ideal solution for sales productivity.
Rave CRM is a complete sales productivity solution that features a rich, visually immersive user interface powered by Sparkle, Entellium’s breakthrough UI platform. Rave’s visual interface is a significant departure from today’s limiting tab-based structure, replacing traditional tabs with a sleek, icon-driven layout. Rave incorporates features popularized in popular Internet applications, such as its exclusive zoom in-zoom out timeline views, the ability to “drag and drop” to create sales activities and palettes that float around the screen to display information where it is preferred. These features are wrapped in an application that sits on a PC but taps into the power of an on-demand data center for high performance access anytime and anywhere.
Rave CRM has many of the common features found in any decent CRM and sales application, but it also has man more features such as:
Star Rankings. Users have an at-a-glance view into the contacts, prospects and deals that are most important. Rave examines a number of details about each record (the size of the deal, projected close date, the importance of each contact, and so on), then uses an advanced algorithm to calculate a star ranking for each. The choice of who to call each day becomes much clearer, resulting more effective selling and time management.
There’s more features. You’ve got to at least check it out.
The web site, alone is impressive with videos, comparisons of the competition and more.